Reed Krakoff
5 Convertible Bags

Top 5 Convertible Bags: Multitask Force

Bags are the only accessories that can truly multitask (other than shoes, which make for pretty handy bug exterminators when the occasion arises). The oversize pouch is the “it” clutch if there was ever such a thing, which is exciting because that allows you to justify investing in a luxe laptop case (finally!).

Top 5 Floral Bags

Top 5 Floral Bags: The Secret Garden

The flowers in our gardens may be withering this time of year, but they’re in full bloom on bags! We saw florals all over the Spring 2014 runways, so the time to stock up is now. Save the over-the-top appliqués and embroidery for later, though – the best flowers this season are in print. From abstract watercolors to Baroque blossoms, here are the ones I’m looking to pick for fall….

Best Dressed at the Emmys

Best Dressed at the 2013 Emmys: Award-Worthy Style

Julie Bowen really wowed with this sweeping Zac Pozen. The over-the-top look is not what we expect from her which makes it that much more exciting. Plus she looked like she was having fun with it which always makes it look more grand.

Reed Krakoff Academy Bionic Crossbody Bag

Reed Krakoff Academy Bionic Crossbody Bag: Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

Now that Reed Krakoff is free of his consuming Coach duties, I am confident his line will continue on as a strong contender in the snob world. He already has all the A-listers on his side, and he will likely gain a few more with this deliciously laid-back addition. I’m loving this new style, even though it’s not quite as versatile as I would like it to be.

Metallic Shoes for Fall

Metallic Shoes for Fall: Silver Linings Playbook

With fashion, you really do need a playbook, and for the fall season, mine always includes gorgeous metallics. Obviously it’s not a look you can wear head to toe (you don’t want to walk around looking like a suit of armor!). That’s the beauty of it, though – a little sparkle goes a long way. And don’t reserve metallics solely for evening events…


The Current Shape: Go for the Gusset

This isn’t a new-shape alert. Just look around: a tote with flared (and functional) gussets is just the current shape being done by all. And why not? It’s a basic tote that’s as versatile as they come, and the recent addition of handy pockets on the gusset is a big bonus. (This style also converts … Continue reading “The Current Shape: Go for the Gusset”