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Roland Mouret

The Bell Bottom Bell Curve: From Underwhelming to Overboard

Do you dare to flare? These days to have flair you must wear flare. You can pare down if you’re scared. But I know you love the glare, so you must not spare. Go ahead and declare your terre on Vanity Fair. But beware, you will despair when your garish flare’s ensnared in a nightmare. I will … Continue reading “The Bell Bottom Bell Curve: From Underwhelming to Overboard”

Fall Wardrobe Update

Fall Wardrobe Update: The Top 7 Little Black Tops

Forget the little black dress for a moment. Just as elemental to your wardrobe is the little black top. In fact, I devote an entire section of my closet to just that!


The Only Ways to Wear a Belt Bag: Hitting Above the Belt

Summer freedom, and the carefree outings that come with it, is upon us. I just spent the last week traveling and no matter how light my bag is, at the end of walking for about 10 hours, my shoulders, along with everything else, start to ache like never before.

Top 5 Jumpsuits

Top 5 Jumpsuits: Get a Jump on It

I love to wear jumpsuits in the fall, and whether you want to go casual or formal, this season’s offerings are proving to be better than ever. They always make you seem polished and put together, even if you just pulled one on and ran out the door.


Revenge-Inspired Style: Guilty Pleasure – and Even Guiltier Fashion

Full-disclosure: I am completely obsessed with Revenge. I was a fan of Dynasty as a kid and I’ve been waiting decades for another guilty pleasure that stands up to the drama and fashion of the eighties soap opera. There’s a lot less shoulder padding and everyone seems to be about 90 lbs., but I can’t … Continue reading “Revenge-Inspired Style: Guilty Pleasure – and Even Guiltier Fashion”


Obi Wrap Belts: Go Ahead and Tie the Knot

The obi belt, part of traditional Japanese dress and considered most elegant when it’s tied in proportion’s to the wearer’s dimensions (with a width about one tenth of your height). After centuries completing the look of a kimono, the obi belt is a must this season, whether you need one for a new fall dress … Continue reading “Obi Wrap Belts: Go Ahead and Tie the Knot”