Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Light-Colored Lace Shoes

Tina recently issued a trend alert on white lace but the delicate fabric shouldn’t be reserved solely for summer dresses and jumpsuits. The most fun we can have with it is actually on footwear! After all, it’s a breathable material, and what do we need that on more than shoes?

Summer Shoe Essentials

Summer Shoe Essentials: Rising to the Occasion

Unless you live in a warmer climate like Cali, you spend a nice chunk of the year unable to wear sandals, espadrilles, and other summer shoes. Now that the season is finally upon us, have fun with it! Playful beach ball prints, cork wedges…these are the types of pieces you want to indulge in. I’ve sorted all my favorite essentials into categories, a nice reminder of how to budget to get what we really need – and want!


Embellished Smoking Slippers & Sneakers: Going the Extra Mile

The smoking slipper trend is far from over. In fact, the look is more elaborate than ever. And the same goes for sneakers! Leave your bright white tennies at home and try these shoes on for shine. Which are you more excited for – embellished smoking slippers or kicks? Can’t choose? No problem…with a couple … Continue reading “Embellished Smoking Slippers & Sneakers: Going the Extra Mile”


Summer Essentials: Shoes for Every Occasion

Whether you’re going on a trip to the tropics this summer or just taking a walk through your neighborhood, you’re going to need a set of comfy shoes for the journey. The key word here is casual. One of the most important styles to have is a travel-friendly flat. Maiyet’s two-tone leather sandals (on NET-A-PORTER … Continue reading “Summer Essentials: Shoes for Every Occasion”


KTZ Sculpted Sneakers and Sandals: A Walk in the Woods

These KTZ shoes perfectly exemplify how even the most creative ideas can end up crashing and burning. Kudos for originality – there are not many intricate wedge sneakers out there, but as you can see, there’s a reason for that. The functional nature of running shoes makes the ornamentation of these wooden wedges look incredibly … Continue reading “KTZ Sculpted Sneakers and Sandals: A Walk in the Woods”


Jessica Biel ‘Dunks Sky Hi’

Jessica Biel rocked the ‘Dunk Sky Hi” wedge sneakers by Nike recently while out and about in London looking ultra cool and on trend. She’s all like, what? These sneaker-wedges and this chic gray to-die-for coat paired together? NBD.  The elusive wedge-sneaker is something I often eye-ball with apprehension just because by nature I just … Continue reading “Jessica Biel ‘Dunks Sky Hi’”