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Sophie Hulme

How to Wear Bright-Colored Bags: Fate Favors the Bold

Is your closet jam-packed with nothing but black and tan bags? They may be “practical,” but such a restrained color palette feels dull and trite after awhile. Don’t fear a bright bag! They can bring more versatility to your wardrobe than you can imagine


Top 5 Bold Graphic Bags: Get the Picture

Going bold is always something we should all strive to do. Pushing out of your comfort zone, even just when it comes to getting dressed, almost always pays off. If you’re squeamish about getting a little too adventurous with your outfit, look to an out-there bag with brash graphics. Wearing a standout bag is much easier for more timid snobs to handle, since there’s more of a physical disconnect (read: you’re not say, zipped into it).

Sophie Hulme Dora Structured Leather Tote

Sophie Hulme Dora Structured Leather Tote: Laser Focus

All of Sophie Hulme’s bags have gotten so good as of late, but there’s one motif I’m currently fixated on. I’m in the mood for anything laser-cut, which makes the Dora tote a must-have purchase of the moment.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: Good Luck Colors for the Year of the Wood Sheep

Happy New Year! I’ve selected eight special pieces that are sure to bring you good luck and success. Since the year of the wood sheep is all about nature, earthly greens, browns, and blues play a big role.

Top 5 Crazy, Cute Charms

Top 5 Crazy, Cute Charms: Bag These Charms

It might sound nutty, but here it is: You need to accessorize your accessories right now, namely your bags. Thanks to the still-strong buzz surrounding Fendi’s friendly, furry monsters, this ‘90s trend (remember Prada’s robot charms!) is making a strong comeback.

Sophie Hulme Printed Flap Satchel

Sophie Hulme Printed Flap Satchel: I’m With the Brand

A good print always catches the eye, but that’s not the real eye-grabber here. The initial shocker is that this is a Sophie Hulme bag, sans her signature exaggerated hardware. While there may not be a studded or screwed-on metal plaque to be found, it’s still not without her personal touch.