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Trend Alert: Turquoise Jewelry

The recent resurgence of an obsession with Old Pawn turquoise has caused a wild scramble to pick up cuffs, necklaces and earrings in shiny sterling silver. Rather than grabbing some cheap knockoffs that’ll wear and tear in a few months…


KADLETZ: Stepping Out on the Edge

Jadie Kadletz may have just launched her namesake line, but I know for certain that she has a least one fan already – me! While the look of her jewelry is clean and minimal, the style is cool girl chic all the way, with shapes and forms like animal tusks, horns, talons, sabers, and even teeth serving as inspiration.

Top 5 Multi-Band Rings

Top 5 Multi-Band Rings: The More, the Merrier

From nail to midi rings, it’s clear that excess is in when it comes to decorating your digits. Rather than throwing on all of your favorite pieces and hoping for the best, get the job done right in one fell swoop. Multi-band rings create a put-together look without requiring you to actually spend time putting together your accessories.


Bottega Veneta Multi-Dimension Jewels: Cage Match

Without departing too much from the classic Bottega Veneta style, Tomas Maier always seems to push the design boundaries just far enough, which is ironic considering how these jewels cage you in! The sterling silver ring ($620) wraps around your finger like a chic sheet of armor, blackened from years of heavy battle. The shape … Continue reading “Bottega Veneta Multi-Dimension Jewels: Cage Match”


Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pave Bracelet: Striking a Chord

Valentine’s Day always creeps up quickly on you. Who’s your date? Where will you go? What will you wear? It can be a lot to plan, but Monica Vinader has the last bit covered with a new diamond Fiji bracelet launched for the holiday! Each Fiji friendship bracelet comes with a symbolically colored cord. In … Continue reading “Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pave Bracelet: Striking a Chord”


Top 5 Snake Jewels: Snake Charmer

If you have a stressful job, one that has you lying with snakes, this is a sure way to fend them off! I have found that jewelry is very therapeutic. What you wear can be empowering, and there is definitely some mystical energy that emanates from precious stones (please don’t try to debunk my theory … Continue reading “Top 5 Snake Jewels: Snake Charmer”