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Taga Bike-Stroller

Taga Bike-Stroller: Transforms Your Life

It’s insane how smart this stroller is. I’m going to have another baby just so I can use it! Okay, not actually, but why do all the fun, ingenious inventions come about after they are worthless to me? Well, if you have a tot, you’re in luck, and I highly highly recommend you get this.

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition: Royal Carriage

We have a name – George Alexander Louis (I guessed it would be George – you can ask my husband!). Now the little prince just needs his chariot, and it will truly be a chariot – all terrain air-ride suspension included.


Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2: Easy Rider

My first thought looking at this was how does a stroller cost $1,200?? Then again, I bought the Bugaboo (which was not cheap) and this Orbit has features that cover all of the annoying issues that had. There are two main components: the base ($500) and the seat ($440), which also doubles as a car … Continue reading “Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2: Easy Rider”


Maclaren BMW Stroller: Sweet Ride

Now that Maclaren has fixed their hinge mechanism so that your tot’s fingers won’t get caught, they’re back to being the makers of my favorite umbrella stroller. Once your little one becomes a toddler, the convenience of a lightweight, easy to operate ride is key. Being that my favorite car is a BMW, it should … Continue reading “Maclaren BMW Stroller: Sweet Ride”


Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller: Double the Fun

For a brood that’s always expanding, the Orbit Baby Double Helix stroller is a no-brainer. While there are lots of two-seaters out there, this stroller is unique because it let’s you position your tots so they can see each other and spend time together, rather than isolating them. But parents of warring tots, worry not … Continue reading “Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller: Double the Fun”


The Georgi Stroller Bag: Slide On and Ride On

The Baby Cargo Georgi diaper bag is made specifically to fit onto strollers which makes for a much nicer ride. No more hanging  swinging bags hitting you in the legs while you walk. This convenient bag clings tight to the stroller thanks to giant grommets that slide over the handles. This makes the carrier hang … Continue reading “The Georgi Stroller Bag: Slide On and Ride On”