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Tamara Mellon

Top 5 Frugal Animal-Print Bags: Dotty Deals

I appreciate a great animal print just as much as I appreciate a good frugal find, so when you put two of my favorite things together, you can imagine my excitement. You should be psyched, too!

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials: The Five Shoes You Must Have

Each season, I try to prioritize essentials for the upcoming months (so as not to go wild and get five of each!). For fall, it’s all about flash and function – a burst of metallic via party-ready sandals, as well as flats and galoshes for those cold, rainy days when a black and white calf hair pump wouldn’t be able to hack it.

Tamara Mellon Attraction Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag

Tamara Mellon Attraction Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag: The Rules of Attraction

You know I love a good pouch. That slim silhouette and slender profile are all I need for my absolute essentials some days, but sometimes you crave a pouch with a little more staying power, so to speak. One that you could technically squeeze a little more into if you needed to, one with a strap. Like Tamara Mellon’s Attraction bag.

Tamara Mellon Treasure Leopard-Print Calf-Hair Shoulder Bag

Tamara Mellon Treasure Leopard-Print Calf-Hair Shoulder Bag: Small Wonder

We Bag Snobs define the Treasure bag as that special piece we keep forever or pass on to future generations, usually coming in a luxe exotic skin or amply embellished to unique levels of covetability. Tamara Mellon, of Jimmy Choo fame, defines her Treasure bag as this itty-bitty spotted number.