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Cybex Aton Q Infant Car Seat

Cybex Aton Q Infant Car Seat: The Latest and Greatest

It’s been years since I’ve needed to shop for a new car seat, but when I saw all of the innovative features on Cybex’s latest model – the Aton Q – I knew I needed to research and share.

Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set

Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set: Tiny Traveler

While baby changing pads aren’t exactly known for being cute, Scarabocchi di Patipò’s has just as much style as it does function. The roll out mat comes with a detachable pillow so that your tots don’t bonk their heads. Though a pillow may sound excessive, when you’re in a rush and lay your baby down, the head tends to touch the surface before the rest of the body (infants have giant heads for their body size).

Skincom Easy Solartent

Skincom Easy Solartent: Take Cover

I’ve never been impressed with beach umbrellas. They offer minimal coverage and inevitably end up blowing away. On the opposite side of the spectrum are tents. The problem? They’re HOT (if I wanted to sweat, I’d go to a sauna) and a huge hassle to put together. Skincom’s solartent is the best of both worlds. … Continue reading “Skincom Easy Solartent: Take Cover”


Diggin Scootcase: Toy to the World

I’ve long been a fan of Trunki’s ride on toy/suitcase hybrid, but I think it might have finally met its match. The main difference? Diggin‘s retro-inspired scooter has a handle that turns, making the drive even more fun for your tots. To be sure, riding this will be very slow going and will require A … Continue reading “Diggin Scootcase: Toy to the World”


Father’s Day Finds: Diaper Bags for Dad

Okay, he may not have diaper bag at the top of his wish list for Father’s Day, but after the golf club membership and Rolling Stones tickets, you might consider getting him one of these. Trust me, he’ll actually appreciate it because I’m sure he hates to use your emasculating diaper bag, and let’s be … Continue reading “Father’s Day Finds: Diaper Bags for Dad”


Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2: Easy Rider

My first thought looking at this was how does a stroller cost $1,200?? Then again, I bought the Bugaboo (which was not cheap) and this Orbit has features that cover all of the annoying issues that had. There are two main components: the base ($500) and the seat ($440), which also doubles as a car … Continue reading “Orbit Baby Travel Collection G2: Easy Rider”