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valentine’s day

Out of the Box Dates for Valentine’s Day

I love gifts just as much as the next girl but Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to create a special memory with someone you love. Because at the end of the day, will you remember the love of your life for the necklace he/she gave you? Or will your most cherished memory be that … Continue reading “Out of the Box Dates for Valentine’s Day”

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Foodie Gifts That Won’t Make Your Lover Fat

My boyfriend recently surprised me with a box of brownies, cookies, and mini cupcakes after returning from a week away. It was so sweet! But it was also the last thing I wanted in my apartment after a weeklong sugar and carb binge. I can’t be trusted around sugar. If it’s nearby, I eat it…and I do so ASAP…and that’s exactly what happened. Chocolate is king on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not the only option! There are plenty of foodie gifts that you can give your lover without “ruining” his or her diet. Here’s a look at some favorites.