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Frugal Gifts for the Bag Snob

Frugal Gifts for the Bag Snob: Small Gift, Big Presence

So you have a true Bag Snob on your list, but you just can’t seem to track down the elusive Himalayan Birkin. Oh, and your bank account isn’t an endless pit of hundred dollar bills. Alright, then, what does she reasonably want? Bag accessories, of course. Nobody can get enough of cute pouches, dangly charms, or little coin purses to complement their most fabulous bags. The trick is to find something truly unique that will get an emotional reaction, like one of these top Snobby picks…

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Top 7 Supremely Stupid Bags: Dumb and Dumber

Pushing the envelope is a must. As a designer, you should always strive to create something unique and personality-driven. But it’s possible to push the envelope past the point of no return. And as a designer, you should also know when to stop.


Top 5 Handiest Cardholders: Change Your Wallet, Change Your Life

Sometimes you’ve just got to simplify your life, and it all starts with the wallet. Take a close look at what you have in your giant continental wallet, and you will find useless receipts, business cards from people you can’t even remember meeting, club cards for random stores, and way too many coins.


Top Entry-Level Exotic Bags: Beauty is Skin Deep

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love a good exotic bag. But I understand the hesitation, as well as the primal fear that can come with the prospect of the purchase…

Best Bags to Gift for Father’s Day

Best Bags to Gift for Father’s Day: Man’s Best Friends

It’s that time of year again! Time to pay homage to the men in our lives in the best way we know how: by updating his carryall collection. Whether he’s a bag enthusiast or tries to shove everything in his pockets each time he leaves the house…


Top 5 Wear-Alone Wallets: More than Mere Money-Holders

The realm of the wallet is where I have the most fun: from playful to statement-making, your wallet can be super-specific since it’s usually hidden; then when you pull it out of your bag, you get that little jolt of excitement. This bunch turns the concept up a notch.