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Zero + Maria Cornejo
Fall Wardrobe Update

Fall Wardrobe Update: The Top 7 Little Black Tops

Forget the little black dress for a moment. Just as elemental to your wardrobe is the little black top. In fact, I devote an entire section of my closet to just that!

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag

Zero + Maria Cornejo Ima Bag: Zero the Hero

I am in love with this brand for the subtle genius in their effortlessly cool and unpretentiously modern designs. Zero + Maria Cornejo’s ready-to-wear is inventive, flattering, and special – and it has been for 15 years.

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring 2014 Collection

Zero + Maria Cornejo Spring 2014 Collection: The Real Thing

I love it when a show feels less like looking and more like shopping. I may be imaginary shopping while it’s still coming forth down the runway, but when I catch myself making countless mental notes for next season’s wardrobe, I know I’m witnessing something special.