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Bottega Veneta Satin Clutch


Remember the pink lizard clutch I wanted so badly but couldn’t get? (the $3790 was a bit much for a clutch even for the Bag Snob) Well, here is the same clutch but in woven satin. It is a lovely lovely bag and I love all the details but the love does not compare to the woven lizard. I mean, how could it? This seems like the poor man’s version of it and for the Bag Snob I do not accept compromises. And this isn’t even really at a poor man’s price because $1700 for a satin clutch is actually harder to justify than a $4K lizard, especially since this clutch is small, 8.5″ x 5″. What to do what to do?? I’m going to pass on both of these and wait to see what lovelies come my way. There is always something better, that’s what makes shopping so exciting and fun!! Bottega Veneta at Saks. $1700



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  1. It is a beautiful bag! it’s definitely chic, but also quite expensive. For some reason, Bottega Veneta calls this bag “Settantadue”, 72 in italian. 72 reasons to buy the bag? 🙂

  2. The clutch is cute.BV uses quite much this woven leather technic in their production.It is personal and mostly I like it.But somewhere there comes a point when we want something different.I´m sure BV is well aware of this and I´m sure they are ready to offer us something chic,new again.

  3. I love this design and lusted after the lizard version (before I knew it was lizard) when I saw it on the BV runway, last Autumn.

    However, as I don’t do lizard, as I think its production is cruel (they skin them alive), it’s nice to see an alternative; even though this one isn’t very exciting, in my opinion.

    I think this clutch would look beautiful in chocolate leather with gold plated silver hardware and if they produced that, I would be very, very, tempted.